Puzzle App (Online)

The product for your congitive improvement

The Work

The puzzle was designed and developed by Mr. SKY, Kam Yat HUI. The game app is also supported by GoodSeed and SIE HK. In purpose to support the general public including the underprivileged families and people, the beta version will keep launching online for everyone to download.

In this project, Mr. Hui also hired single mothers, underemployed or unemployed people to manage this project. The job offer and mentorship have been provided. The meaning of the puzzle work is not only for time killing but also the social concern, support, opportunities of the job offer, design entrepreneurship, and generate empowerment for the needy.

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In this project, 1 set of design puzzles will content 15 design templates for beta versions. In order to support the underprivileged family or needy, the beta version is for free for charity purposes.

The Full/Commercial version will content over 20 templates and over 8 different designed puzzle shapes for users to play (launch later, it will be more design options.). Thank you for your attention and please feel free to view the app page and understand the product details.

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